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Art I Found Walking Through Copenhagen Sept. 2012                         It’s so hard when you just can’t see your next move. When the mere thought of the unknown is earth shattering. The belief that it will be better is essential, for it is only by hope that we are kept moving. So that we may achieve our goals, accomplish our dreams and be better people all round. Give without wanting, love without needing and move forward without fear!


What does it mean when you grow up in a house with food, clothing. The so-called necessities but love is nowhere to be found? What does it mean when you attend a school for an education when what you receive are threats and torment? What does it mean when you listen to the words of jealousy and hatred spoken and not one word of reassurance can be heard? What does it mean when you are a child and know things are wrong but are forced to standby while others determine your present life? I don’t know what it means for someone else? But for me, it meant…it meant a routine of loneliness and tears, it meant confusion which lead to self-hatred, but it also meant the beginning of a quest. A quest for happiness, a quest for peace, a quest for love.