Just call me “Yogi Mama Bear”

It’s a great feeling to be following the right path. Yoga has changed me or rather assisted me, in being me. Comfortable, healthy, confident, stable and balanced. Becoming a teacher is motivated by my desire to “teach from testimony”; mine has been an unusual life and one filled with many obstacles. I have learned that it is all perspective and that our mental and physical health are the cornerstone to how we feel and the life we live, how we treat others and how we react to how others treat us. It is my pleasure to assist people and aid in lessening their suffering and or pain but to properly do so…I have more training and certifications ahead of me. This is really just the beginning!

Yoga Instructor

First time Instructing a Yoga Class Selfie ; )

Unhappily Married

Oh the ripples of one night…one decision…wrong information…the lies…no help…

Learning to live happily while in a Marriage to someone I wished to flee but could not. This is my life’s challenge and it is in realizing my accountability for my own personal joy that actually makes it possible. No one has the power to make you happy or unhappy, they can certainly test your fortitude and focus on either but surely with self love, balance and good health even the most unpleasant of circumstances can be weathered. Are you following my storm, my journey, my life? In spite of many odds against me I continue forward marching, God’s little soldier for truth, decency and love. They may encamp around me but what can man do to me, God is on my side!

Next week I turn 40, it is lucky I have made my own plans for else there would be none. How isolated I have become from those who love me and whom I love. All so that I may be a Mother to my children but I do it gladly as I recall how my own mother was too busy searching through life for her calling; to fulfill her motherly duty. I will not repeat that or many other cycles from a dark family past that I have had to confront, survive and I suppose at this point in my life publicize so that it may help another young girl or a middle aged one like me… to in the words of Winston Churchill “Never Give Up.”

As women the choices we make in our career, bedroom and within our own minds impacts the lives of our children and we must therefore be WISE and where we are not seek council for the decisions we make influence the future.



Exciting Times

Went from trying times to exciting times with-in a few years. Granted those years in-between felt like a lifetime in Hell… Let me explain; the transition from a Single Woman to a Mother in a serious relationship is not one … Continue reading

Getting Settled…

Settling in, being back home…having found where Home is…Interesting how it is in the same place as it always was…Interesting how what one doesn’t appreciate can ruin another’s experience…true at least in the case of parents…Now as one myself; I see the importance, correction the NECESSITY in viewing the world through our Children’s eyes…Supporting their Dreams and abilities; no one sang it better than Whitney Houston

“the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

Giving our children a Home is far more than providing Food, water and shelter and yet many children don’t even have that. Let’s all Give more and Stop wanting more…


The Wait…

It should end tomorrow. Mind you, it should have already been over, we should have already Closed Escrow. Yet, now there is another delay and extension required. Will it all fall through or is the deal, “Money in the Bank”? I have never been a patient one and so the wait to find out if all is well and we can have a final close date or simply accept that this deal and possibly the entire idea of selling the house is a mistake? Is it really possible that we are meant to stay here in LA and my return Home as I have been anticipating is in fact not to Lantzville but rather to LA?

What a whirlwind; long-term investments such as Property needs to be managed, maintained and costs a shit load of money so make sure you are ready for Real Estate before entering. I can’t say I was and yet I had worked several years for a Property Development Firm in Beverly Hills, learning about Construction and Property Management. Along with the Certificate in Real Estate I received in 2009, my past experience hadn’t prepared me, I have had a lot of surprises.

Right now it’s all I can think about and the one thing I know for sure is it’s all in God’s Hands.

Stay Tuned…

Going Home 

It’s the weirdest thing, going home. I mean I haven’t been there for a long time and even then it was only for a short while as before that I hadn’t been there for Ten Years and even that was just to visit. I think… It’s amazing how time flies when you are running  and really even when you just sit still it continues…

As I look out over the beautifully manicured golf course and feel the heat of the desert I so enjoy…I don’t particularly like the flies… My thoughts are on the homeward journey…Family has and is my number one focus but I can honestly say I never new what Family meant until now. At 38 I get it! I have literally observed hundreds of families from different cultural and economic backgrounds in an effort to grasp what it was I have been seeking and longing for my whole life, what it is exactly that I want in my life. 

For me it is quite simple, it is the richness of Family.