Unconditional Love

When we don’t receive love how we give it… Too often we equate that with no love… Love too is relative! We all need to be retaught acceptance and tolerance, forgiveness and romance. In a Broken World, to mend a broken heart, love more never less! So often we ourselves and everyone around us blame the other person…the buck will always stop with self as no one can change another but we are all capable of changing ourselves. Everyone seeks love, few are able to give it; unconditionally… That is our challenge… Love without expectation, love when it isn’t reciprocated, place no conditions on the relationship, allow freedom and individual expression and love without limit! That is my definition of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.




Exuding it, is the only way to make yourself invisible to predators!

Jennie Runk: My life as a ‘plus-size’ model

Courage, is being afraid and getting naked anyway! xo


When H&M hired a “plus-size” model to show off the range of sizes for its beachwear, the ad campaign caused much discussion , enough that Runk decided to write a moving essay for BBC about the shoot. 


” I had no idea that my H&M beachwear campaign would receive so much publicity. I’m the quiet type who reads books, plays video games, and might be a little too obsessed with her cat.

So, suddenly having a large amount of publicity was an awkward surprise at first. I found it strange that people made such a fuss about how my body looks in a bikini, since I don’t usually give it much thought.

When my Facebook fan page gained about 2,000 new likes in 24 hours, I decided to use the attention as an opportunity to make the world a little nicer by promoting confidence. I’ve since…

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Preview : The Pirelli Calendar 2014


The Pirelli Calendar celebrates half century and celebrates this important milestone with a five-star edition. Six supermodels are the protagonists of the 2014 edition immortalized by Peter Lindbergh (who had already signed the calendars of the 1996 and 2002) and Patrick Demarchelier (author of the shots of the calendars of 2005 and 2008).

Miranda Kerr, Helena Christensen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Alek Wek and Isabeli Fontana are the stars of The Pirelli Calendar 2014 edition that will be distributed in November.


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