Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya & XCARET Certified — danicatravel

Working from Home, assisting people with their Special Occasions, providing Opportunity and Earning not just an Income but Building an Empire. I can honestly say I LOVE being a Travel Advisor, I am so happy I became part of the Evolution Family and Archer Travel Group. It’s definitely been one of the Best decisions of […]

Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya & XCARET Certified — danicatravel

Arianna Huffington Shares Her Recipe for a Productive Workforce — Business – TIME

Arianna Huffington’s newest endeavor is based on a simple premise: a happy, rested worker is a better worker. And she says she’s got the numbers to prove it. Huffington was interviewed by University of Southern California professor David Agus during a dinner session at Fortune’s inaugural Brainstorm Health conference. The pair discussed the former Huffington…

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It took me 40 years to look this good!

Now, the next 40 will be spent on FEELING GOOD! I began a journey with yoga / Ayurveda  Medicine in Feb 2014, Today I turn 40 and I had planned on being certified by this date…due to some unforeseen challenges that timeline has been lifted.

Now no set timeline in which to obtain my certification in Yoga/Ayurveda, it will happen but the main thing is the daily practice (except Sundays) that is and has been my saving grace since that very day in February when I walked through the Red Door @REDDOORYOGA in Lantzville and into my future self.

The same little girl just now in a woman’s body and mind, the clarity, confidence and control a woman must exhibit throughout her life…some of us only realize… well for me post Motherhood and some extra trials to fine tune this self.

People speak of self-love and letting go and being positive so lightly but when you weren’t taught these methods it takes time and experience to learn.

Here’s to me turning 40, here’s to my favorite two people in the world, My Motivation Alicia and my Inspiration Winston. Today we are headed to Mommy’s Favorite place on earth, LONG BEACH, TOFINO< CANADA. It is good to be back home, I certainly am enjoying my homeland more as an adult than I got to as a child, making sure that will not be the case for my babies, theirs will be a life of continued support, joy and health. I am teaching them now…and had I not been through all that I have, well I just would not know what I know.

Here’s to being a life long learner!

Happy 40th to me. xo



Getting Settled…

Settling in, being back home…having found where Home is…Interesting how it is in the same place as it always was…Interesting how what one doesn’t appreciate can ruin another’s experience…true at least in the case of parents…Now as one myself; I see the importance, correction the NECESSITY in viewing the world through our Children’s eyes…Supporting their Dreams and abilities; no one sang it better than Whitney Houston

“the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

Giving our children a Home is far more than providing Food, water and shelter and yet many children don’t even have that. Let’s all Give more and Stop wanting more…