Exciting Times

Went from trying times to exciting times with-in a few years. Granted those years in-between felt like a lifetime in Hell…

Let me explain; the transition from a Single Woman to a Mother in a serious relationship is not one I was prepared for. Not completely my fault either…

You see, when I was 17 years of age I was told I would never be a Mother. Endometriosis had already introduced itself to me through the pain that disabled me and and robbed me of many, many jovial experiences. In fact at 13 years old I asked my Doctor if Endo could be what was causing all of the pain.. I had read an article in The Woman’s World Magazine, my mother’s favorite periodical at the time, it read as though the writer knew exactly what I was dealing with. Of course I was dismissed and called a hypochondriac…

Imagine my surprise when I was then being told, it was the cause and that I would need to have a Hysterectomy… A WHAT? doesn’t that mean I will never be a Mom… Or so I thought, or so the Doctors lead me to believe.

But I didn’t believe them, I knew if God wanted me to have children I would… and I do, I was right! With multiple surgeries and experts in DK, Canada and USA who I had to fight to keep my ovaries and the knowledge that what is meant is meant; I lived my life. Hoping for a family one day and ruining most of my dating prospects dreams of impregnating me by being honest and telling them I can’t have children according to the Doctors. The one who couldn’t be swayed and said well….what will it take? He, was the one… how so? How was it even possible? Funny how he was also the one, the only one I trusted to even make an attempt to get pregnant with…and did.

This really isn’t a story about all of that though… it is about how excited I am; that now I will be opening an Art Gallery. The journey these past years, the betrayals, obstacles, attacks at my ego, strength, abilities, health and entire being was rattled and I almost bailed… yes, on life itself. Yet it was that thread of hope and the belief that through God, all things can be made anew…

Here I am, finishing my Business Plan. Lease Signed and Creating Art, Negotiating on Art, Curating Works and Space and making plans for providing opportunity and inspiration in my Hometown.

The only difference between me and someone who is on the streets, is one decision. We are all one decision away from destruction or success… The hard part is choosing when everyone has an opinion and the devil is on the prowl…Prayer and never forgetting my Father in Heaven has saved me in my life…may you remember to pray or learn how to, truly it is just like talking to a friend. You just don’t get to see…you have to believe oh and then there is the walk…you must take action. Lord continue to Lead and guide me as I reveal my true self and blossom. Amen

“Walk by Faith no by Sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7


Picture Taken in 2012 @ Galleri Warrer – Denmark



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