Rich Rights

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I just wish the FDIC had called me…..I could have enlightened them to the Astani Brother’s BS.

And Debra Crymes Porter at the Department of Fair housing and Employment stated “but what harm came to you?” After receiving Astani’s letter from their lawyer… Yet, prior to… You definitely have a case… Funny how when I told her what they stated in their letter, which she would not let me have a copy of…is a lie and I have proof…I was simply dismissed with… But what harm came to you? Well Debra, I almost lost everything! Keyword, almost!!! I was supposed to be quiet…right and not gregarious… right Marlene Shamas? The infamous constant accounting error controller… Colleagues and I used to joke… “She must know where they have buried a body.”

Of course later I was told she used to date Marco…

Despite his advances I would never sleep with him and his comment to me that…”Even my wife slept with me after two dates!” Just further sickened me… I stopped wearing makeup to work… Started trying to hide my sexy shape… She is the only reason I feel bad posting this… But then again…she should have known when he had her sign a prenup… And she certainly didn’t say…how can you treat her that way after all the years of dedication and hard work…nope, came back from Maternity leave to have everything changed on me…in the State… Of California… Yes, there are laws against such… Can you afford my lawyer? (The statute of limitations has passed) Theirs is or was when I was with them Manatt….

This is why I say… Yes, you have Rights, if you are rich… And I won’t stop until I am… I too want RIGHTS!


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