What is it about vulnerability that has people question one’s mental state? Is it that they, themselves have a fear of exposure? Or is it that they have been taught as we all have to conceal the darkness from their life? Is it simply that people think, it can only be a crazy person who would expose their inner most secrets? It, of course could also be that they really don’t care…are too busy with their own issues, that even an article about someone else’s triggers an emotion that they have been running from? Why are we so insensitive, aren’t we supposed to have eyes to see and ears to hear? Yet so many live screaming in silence, hiding in public, crying alone…

Help, is something we must all do for ourselves but when you turn away from a vulnerable person… It is only a reflection of your own true nature and level of awareness…

I dare to be vulnerable for no one ever touched my mind, that throughout my life it is these three things that have saved me. Faith, intelligence and humor. Next time you want to say someone should keep their personal business to themselves, remember the child inside seeking help, are you the family member, friend and neighbor, teacher, pastor and mentor that does something or nothing at all?

We must all be sensitive to another’s journey, it isn’t ours but we may have something to share that will aid them on theirs… As always food for thought, my lovelies! xo


One thought on “Question…

  1. I say it again. You have the courage to be yourself and to speak out and this time to help others ! THANK YOU !

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