Humbled and on Hiatus

It has been a humbling year…Definitely knocked me out for a good minute but I am up again ready and willing to fight during the winds of change…What I mean by that is; there is always resistance and blessing in transition and that is what I am prepared for.

Having quit my position at Pavillon Christofle Silver in Beverly Hills to bring my family to Denmark, the Happiest Country in the World. I felt strong, empowered. I was ready for this happy life I thought awaited me. Having familial ties to Denmark the ability to speak the language and HH, which for those of you who are not Danish is a Basic two-year Business College Degree/Certificate from Niels Brock. I should have had the HHX, the three-year but right before exam time I fell extremely ill and didn’t take the exams. I had graduated the Danish version of High School Folkeskolen at the early age of 14, remarkably that was also my first year learning Danish and understanding the brain behind this pretty face. So why I didn’t go back and ask the school if I could finish, once I got better…why they didn’t ask…I don’t really know… I didn’t feel up to it I guess, I was already so sad that only one of my friends stayed in touch. She is still my friend to this day, some friends truly are for life.

It didn’t take long for me to see it wasn’t going to be as easy as I had anticipated when I got here, even being willing to work different industries and positions, I started getting rejections left, right and center. Many of the positions I applied for were beneath my qualifications and experience. Although I had promised myself I would never do that ever again in life…reality is a whole other thing. One must often swallow pride as a Mother to feed your family. True there are other things some women chose to swallow to make their living but that’s just not the kind of woman I am, I have not completed five different educations to sell myself for sex or the likes thereof.

Being the optimist I am, I changed strategy, created many different versions of my resume… some with color, one page summary, three page all-inclusive; basically all the same information simply presented differently.

Those of you who have been following me a while now know of the Klonkit situation. I have another fun story to tell of literally being stalked by a couple of business owners that own a local furniture store…The curve of the recession is hitting Denmark after USA, I have seen the trends and well…maybe someone should inform them that furniture businesses have been hit very hard in the US… won’t be me and I will disclose the full story at a later date…soon, I promise!

Giving up, selling my Luxury vehicle; willing to not have a vehicle at all. I set out on my new life in Denmark where most people count on the government to bail them out of everything. I was determined to be self-sufficient…Long story short for now …I did not succeed.

Maybe I should have known better when we had to buy all new plane tickets at the airport as KLM denied us on the plane we already had tickets for, travelling with two cats and two children that was costly…if not that, when I moved into one of the most beautiful homes in Ringsted and the huge bathroom mirror was cracked all the way through… That was probably when I should have packed up and ran the other way? When I had viewed the house it had been fine. Or maybe when the realtor started seeming shady. When they refused to listen or do anything other than give me an industrial size dryer for the mold problem in the basement? Or when I was offered work from a Prostitute in town to do her “booking.” I don’t know what it is but this country has two saying’s that are globally publicized. There’s something rotten in Copenhagen/Nyhavn and it’s the “Happiest Country.” Given that both are so well-known I wonder who has actually conducted the research about happy places in the world and how thorough were they? Yes, I know it was on an Oprah show but who did she have do the research and who is really behind this claim? Afterall I am quite familiar with the marketing game. So who was this team of experts evaluating Countries and the happiness of the people who live in them? Could they speak the Danish language and evaluate? Could they speak the languages of all the Countries analyzed, for if you can’t speak the language how can you accurately assess any Culture? Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say they could. Did they compare alcoholism rates? Just one question in the long list I have.

Anyway, here I stand today with many benefits and disadvantages to my year, actually it has now been over a year that I have been back in Denmark. Making my total time spent in this Country seven years of my life, the rest is divided between Canada and USA. I now can both cut and color my own hair. Having fashion styling skills I am able to rework even the saddest wardrobe, which I assure you is what I now have and despite the lowest low I have ever felt in my life, I am climbing my own way out of the depression all this has caused. For I refuse to have my children have a sad mom. They don’t deserve that!

So a solution I must find and a solution I WILL FIND. I have given notice on the beautiful house of mold, I am looking for a new place and praying this time it can be a permanent home. I have travelled and moved a lot in my life and simply would not have the skills I have to survive had I not; but my children they deserve stability. So I promise God First, my babies second and myself as well as you my lovelies. My next Goal is not about career but about building my foundation, our HOME! xo


One thought on “Humbled and on Hiatus

  1. Oh boy Danica! What a year, what challenges. I know you rest in the fact that God loves you and those kids and is with you through all of it. He does provide and will continue to provide even if doesn’t feel like it all of the time. I had a similar experience when I moved here to LA—just couldn’t find a job. Such trying times. The good part of that is that I turned to God in that time and became closer to Him and His ways because I had the time because I wasn’t working. (Or that was/is my excuse if I don’t take time for Him.)

    One thing that helped me through was getting involved and going to church regularly. Have you found a church home? I just know you’d love it and the kiddos would find new friends too.

    Praying for you!

    YOU DID THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR FAMILY MOVING. It must not feel like it right now but you did.

    Love, Kim

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