I feel it’s getting to be about that time; to get RAW…

In the following weeks I will be disclosing some more very personal and very real stories all from MY own LIFE. Names of people and Companies will be mentioned. (debating changing their names?) Things I have been ashamed of sharing for fear and sadness the situations have caused…I quess that is what age does, you realize you should not be ashamed for that in which was not within your control or for making a bad decision in a circumstance you should not have been exposed to in the first place.

That’s the problem, you can change your circumstances but doing so doesn’t erase the memory. That takes venting PUBLICLY ha ha! Seriously though, I have a lot to share and the only way to TEACH through Testimony as a Coach is to get RAW and let it all hang out. I have BEEN there DONE that a lot, and if my pain can in any way help save another from pain and suffering, injustice, abuse, sexual, emotional, physical, sexual harassment, endometriosis, misdiagnosis, domestic violence, bullying, betrayal, discrimination in the workplace, loss of employment etc. then “MY GOLLY,” yes I said “MY GOLLY” I will get RAW!

Overcoming pain, working through the pain and literally working while in pain is what I am a master at! You need to be motivated, let’s talk! I am of the belief that if I can, so can YOU! That applies to anything as I believe what you have in your power is your own personal will. Many of you will have heard the phrase I often use to describe myself, ” I’m a where there’s a will, there’s a way kinda woman;” I say this for every time I have been pushed down, I get right back up. What I am getting better at is not even taking the fall…Maybe I learned a thing or two while working on a Project with the World Champion Evander “THE REAL DEAL” Holyfield. It was certainly during that Project that I discovered my “champion-like” likeness!

We are not victims because we have been victimized, we are Champions! The SURVIVORS, those similar to myself know what it is to be a fish in water…the water is life, keep swimming my lovelies! xo


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