When you are caught up in regret…when your desperate decisions where made during desperation and your now more clear mind would have chosen differently…the spiralling of hopes gone wrong and the sinking feeling of not being able to stop and turn back time…

It’s about walking by faith…never sit…so I must keep moving, hoping and recreating opportunity to find a way to what I have always wanted…a home…security…love

It is such an upwards battle for those of us that come from homes of destruction, violence and abuse…the world is tainted and our very own perspective formed from untruths…the reprogramming of a child’s mind into that of a healthy adult one most certainly assumes would require models to base the new foundation…and yet where there are none, or where they are foreign and far, in other’s families or their experiences…one must analyze and construct a vision of what they believe to be true…I have God but my fear is for the child/adult who does but is not aware and therefore sees only the lies and never the truth clearly…May we all be blessed with instinct for truth and let the lies, the destortion of natural evolution by man’s hand cease!


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