Life is truly a rollercoaster ride, one minute scared for your life, the next laughing and enjoying the journey.

It’s wild to think that one can change so much of one’s circumstances if one so chooses…so why do some chose not? I am often pondering the same question…what determines the strength and/or lack of will?

Myself, a “where there is a will there is a way kind of woman” believes that any problem is simply awaiting a solution and execution of that solution… Possibly the trick is to NOT listen to the NAY SAYERS… I always like to point out if they could they would and since they haven’t what do they even know? The point is that had I listened to all the YOU CAN”T DO THAT, THAT’s NOT POSSIBLE, I would not presently be legal to work in DENMARK, CANADA and USA. Not many people have that opportunity at hand. Yet, there is a struggle with option, the more you have and the less it resembles that of what other’s have, the more you seperate yourself.

We like it safe and we definitely like things simple. When making a decision we prefer to have it spelled out for us but if we aren’t supposed to be listening to what other’s think then maybe we should question their marketing. Everyday we are being sold…it is our will that qualifies the messages received and our reaction thereof.

So I say all this to say…truly analyze your life…I am…Discern between the BS, know what the motive is, that in which I have no control and that in which must change…Pray and nourish my will by listening to ME!


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