Goals are to be Achieved! Written Down, Planned then EXECUTED!

The Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco

It was my goal to run a Marathon before the age of 30. One day sitting reading the LA Weekly newspaper in my apartment I read an ad for the APLA Training Program. They could train you to run a Marathon in 6 months, this seemed pretty unrealistic to me but when I then saw the Marathon dates and calculated I at that very moment realized if I didn’t sign-up that very moment in February to run the 2006 Marathon in San Francisco July 30th I would in fact not ACCOMPLISH MY GOAL. So there I was 11 days before my 30th Birthday, crossing that 26.2 mile marker and finish line! A man died that day trying to do the same…

At Mile Two I tripped, hurting my ankle for life, I did not stop and at mile 14 caught up with my running buddy but at mile 19 had to fall back a few paces and told her to continue at her pace…I remember a medic from the side of the road approaching me at some point asking “are you alright” I simply replied “it is mind over matter at this point.”

That day changed me forever as so many days have, take note to challenge yourself, others most certainly will but it is YOUR WILL that CHANGES YOUR LIFE!


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